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How am I doing with Sparkster?

Have any complaints or suggestions on how  I can do better? Wanna give some drive-by love or CR suggestions? Well, this is the place to do it!

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[ *Ring Ring*

You've reached Sparkster. I'm can't pick up at the moment. Please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Drop him a TEXT. VOICEMAIL of CALL him. Be sure to leave a date and time.]


Dec. 8th, 2011 11:41 pm
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Out-of-Character Information
Name: Helena
Are you over 15?: No, I’m actually 10 and have lied all this time. Yes
LJ username: [ profile] michikitty
Time Zone: #+8 GMT
AIM: sailorsmash
Tegaki: C. Dratini
Anything Else?: Derp

In-Character Information
Name : Sonic The Hedgehog Awesome Possum Sparkster
Game/Series: Rocket Knight
Teacher/Student/Other: Security Guard
Canon Point: post Rocket Knight
Age: 43
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job: Security
Dorm or Living Arrangement: An apartment in town.

Personality: “He’s courageous! He’s clever! Sparkster has a pumped up personality, got a warped up jetpack and quick wits!”

…Okay, I’m just messing with you people.

To be honest, Sparkster is a less like those younger, cockier, sarcastic and XTREEEEME!!! Sonic rip-offs heroes and more like your typical brave and kindhearted knight.

What Sparkster lacks in snark and attitude, he makes up by having a down-to-earth personality. He’s happy to lend a hand to anyone in need and treats most of the people he meets with politeness. It’s rare to see him with a scowl on his face or tapping his foot impatiently and more likely to give a friendly smile on his face while having his arms calmly folded and quipping a cheery “let’s go!” When not going around stabbing the crap out of power-hungry dictators, he tends to live the slow peaceful life. He does get the itch to go on an adrenaline rush inducing adventure once in a while but he’s completely happy just quietly tending to his farm and spending time with his family.

While easily flattered by compliments, Sparkster isn’t the greedy or egotistical sort. He isn‘t a show off nor does he act like he‘s superior to everyone else. Sparkster helps others because it’s the right thing to do  and not because he wants people to admire him or for monetary gain. Heck, when his adventures are over and he’s saved the day, it’s normal for Sparkster to just quietly slip away when no one is looking without accepting any sort of reward for his actions outside of a simple "thank you" or maybe and I mean maybe, a kiss on the cheek at most.

He has a strong sense of justice and dutifully upholds his vow to protect the weak from all evil regardless of what shape it takes. Even if his enemy is bigger or has more powerful weapons than him, Sparkster will bravely charge into battle at the first sign of trouble and he will keep fight on to the very end if it means preventing his family, his queen and the people of his kingdom from getting hurt. This backfires on him at times because sometimes he’ll just go running straight into danger without really thinking about what traps lie ahead, that he’s probably destroy somebody’s property by charging in or that he’s most likely going to get killed. He can indeed solve most traps and puzzles left by the bad guys but at times his brain needs to get kickstarted first. Enemies have been able to catch him off-guard before and when that happens he will often let out a startled cry and jump back surprise but even when he’s startled or down right afraid, he’ll just go in and fight anyway.

Despite normally being a mellow person, he can hold a grudge against former enemies for a period that can last for several years. He’s very suspicious when it comes to people who have down terrible things in the past or he’s crossed swords with. He seldom falls for claims of having a change of heart and will treat those who have commit crimes against him, his kingdom or innocent people with the utmost mistrust and considers anyone who easily forgives criminals and villains as naïve. It is possible for Sparkster to have faith in those he’s had problems with in the past but it takes a lot of effort for him to abandon his prejudices to do so.


Rocket Knight Adventures

Most of Sparkster's fellow rocket knights retired or were killed during the war, leaving Sparkster as the only active member left. As the last Rocket Knight, he made a solemn vow to protect Zebulos Zephyrus and its people from whatever evil threatened them.

And what was the first thing he did after making that promise? Why get a mecha and go hunt for a set of magical swords that supposedly bestows their finder a magical set of armor. Duh!

He barely finds the first sword in a cave when who should appear but Axel Gear. The two have a match of robo-boxing, Axel loses and flees. Sparkster takes the sword and returns to Zephyrus, putting the incident behind him. That ends up being a mistake as Sparkster ends up finding out when he, Sherry and her younger sister, Cherry decide to go on a trip some time later.

Cue Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2!

As Sparkster was out rescuing Cherry from the Gedol Empire, the king of Zephyrus was approached by General Sweinhart, a former officer in Deviligus's army and his successor. After their defeat, the Devotindos Empire fell into hard times. The war had drained them of their food and natural resources so Sweinhart had come to offer a truce. In exchange for shelter, his people would teach the Zephyrians their technology and protect them. Being a sympathetic bunch, the Zephyrians agreed.

When Sparkster returned, he was horrified to find the opossums and pigs living together. He protested against the arrangement, warning the king more than once that it was only a matter of time until the Devotindos would backstab them. His words fell on deaf ears. With his warnings being ignored and the Devotindos presence intimidating others from attacking Zephyrus, Sparkster realized he was no longer need and simply left.

Then came Rocket Knight.

After defeating both Ulfgar the Merciless and General Sweinhart, no one dared to attack Zephyrus, too afraid to mess with Sparkster. Outside of the occasional patrol of the kingdom, Sparkster was mostly just living his normal life as a farmer and a family man.

One day, Queen Sherry summoned Sparkster to her throne room. Throughout recent years, groups of Zephryians including Sparkster and his family had set up residence far beyond Zephyrus's borders. Well, a few of them managed to reach a world that rested way beyond the world of Elhorn. This place was Final Destination City.

From the opossums living there she had received reports that there was a serial murderer on the loose.With help of the Zephyrians living in FDC, Sherry was able to contact with the headmaster of Smash Academy, a fighting school who not only were involved in the investigation, one of its students had been attacked by the killer. Worried for her people living there and now for the students of the school, Sherry asked what she could do to help. Eventually the idea of sending Sparkster over to help them popped up. He faced pigs piloting giant mechas, magic wielding reptiles and ninja/sky pirate/viking wolves. Certainly he could help protect the lives of a bunch of students from one measly killer!

Sparkster accepted the mission and so Sherry made the arrangements for him to live there.

Anything Else?:

- He for whatever reason can survive flying into brick and metal walls without anything more than a bump on the head, if even that. He can also survive being punched by a giant mecha with minimum injuries, How? It’s a mystery.

-Also for some mysterious reason, it's very likely for Sparkster to end up slashing his enemies clothes/armor off, leaving them in their underwear when fighting.

-His jetpack is useless in freezing cold weather.

- He loves apples. Bananas are delicious too

- Like in the games, Sparkster relies on body language and facial expressions a lot to get his point across

-He screams an awful lot.

In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):

[A load of static comes on screen. ] Is it work- Don’t…did I break….? [After a few seconds more of white noise, the close up of an eye appears. After some more adjusting of the screen, the smiling face of an opposum in a suit of armor flashes on screen but for some reason he has a band-aid on his head]

That’s better! Hello Smash Academy. [He gives a gentlemanly bow followed by a more casual handwave.] My name is Sparkster. I have come here by your headmaster’s request to help aid this establishment’s security team. I promise that I will uphold my position with the utmost responsibility. [The video pans out revealing a giant hole in the wall behind him. Sparkster sheepishly rubs the back of his neck.] Er…I wasn’t informed that your city was currently going through winter and I had a bit of a…rough landing. I swear that I will compensate for the damages.

In-Character 3rd person writing post:

Sparkster let out a small sneeze as the cold night wind blasted against his nose. He shivered within his armor, the bright flame of his rocket pack was the only thing stopping him from completely freezing as he sailed over the skies of Final Destination city. He rubbed his fingers against his palms, wondering why didn’t Sherry inform him about the area currently being in the middle of winter? At this rate, his rocket pack would freeze up before he reached the apartment building he was to live in.

“Calm down,” he mused to himself optimistically. “You just have to hold out a few minutes more and-Ahh!”

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud sickly sputter which caused his ears to stand on end. Sparkster could recognize that sound from anywhere. His eyes widened in terror as he gazed over his shoulder to find the fires being emitted by his rocket pack were coming out in small weak bursts. The rocket pack rattled and sputtered violently until it coughed out one final puff of smoke.

Sparkster had watched the whole thing in silence. When it was over he stared at the ground that stood hundreds of feet below him. His ears went flat and his eye twitched. After hanging in the air for a second more, he began his long trip to the ground, flailing his arms and screaming the entire way down. This was going to end painfully.


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